About WestBrook

“Good writing is the skill of expressing compelling thoughts clearly.” – Michael Masterson

PWA-logo-thumbnailThe focus of online freelance copywriting is to provide creditable content that persuades clients and prospects to relate to your business message or your “Brand” through informed web sites, web content, email campaigns, B2B copy, social media, blogs, white papers and case  studies.  Informed and persuasive copywriting keeps you in touch with clients and prospects and is critical to long term growth.  If you can persuade in writing, businesses want you and will pay you.


Product offerings are:

  • Direct response copy – sales pages, landing pages, subscription pages
  • Web page revision and web sites
  • B2B copy for mid-sized companies
  • Social media campaigns
  • White papers and case studies
  • Blog posts
  • E-mail
  • content pages
  • E-newsletters


Social media over the past three years has experienced explosive growth as a means to market a company, products and services and to build relationships  with existing clients, engage potential customers and keep the business community informed of new developments and opportunities. Very important today.  Funding for social media is coming out of TV and print advertising budgets.  Goal is to constantly engage with clients and maintain sales momentum.