The Process


The process of freelance copywriting at Westbrook Financial Freelance and Media starts with thoroughly researching the client’s product or service being offered.  This requires meeting or interviewing the key personnel involved; similar competitive offerings; testimonials and  all the information the client has about past successful and failing packages.

The next step also requires extensive research, with the client,  about the demographic and psychographic information to arrive at the best  profile the client wants to talk to.

Next I get involved in some “Open-Air-Research”.  I pick a setting or settings that the “profile” might frequent.  I listen, ask questions, test the general concepts of the product or service and get all the feedback I can.

At this point in the process, I develop the initial structure of the copywriting package. This pro forma template is discussed with the client for additional input, coments and affirmation to start the copywriting assignment.

Now, it is time to write, think about what I have written, mull it over and then rewrite and edit. This could go on for a number of writings.  Quality of content is so critical. The client gets to review the material and make all the comments they want.  All will be incorporated for the final draft.

Obviously the time to complete a project depends on each assignment. The target date will be discussed in the initial conversation.  My goal is to get the job done as reasonably fast as necessary but also give the project enough time to do it right and to the client’s satisfaction.

On the financial consulting side of Westbrook, I have to thoroughly understand the history, culture and business disciplines of the Investment Advisory firm, a profile of the clients, the advisor firm’s strengths and weaknesses. Introduce how social media is such an important tool in the business world today and is part of the vital objectives in marketing and good client relations.